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Without our providers, we'd be just another telehealth company.

RelyMD's world-class telehealth providers, paired with our advanced telehealth platform and clinical guidelines, create a focus on our mission: to foster healthier communities and workplaces through real-time access to healthcare, nationwide.
Since 2015, we have hand-selected providers delivering care within the RelyMD Medical Group ensuring a practice comprised of smart, responsible, and collaborative work partners. Our continuous goal is to build a talent group that meets the highest quality standards and to remain at the forefront of delivering reliable virtual care.

What to expect from RelyMD Medical Group


Treat patients outside of practice walls and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

Work Remote


Join a strong team of telehealth providers who help make practicing easy and enjoyable.

Supportive Team


Most RelyMD providers actively practice in hospitals and offices in addition to their virtual role.

Supplement Income


Our proprietary guidelines have helped our providers conduct top-level virtual care for more than 6 years. 

Access to Our Guidelines


Our advanced telehealth platform was built by and for providers. It's kept up-to-date and has easy-to-use features.

Easy to Use Technology


Regular chart review ensures questions are answered and high quality standards are followed by all.

Quality Review

RelyMD partners with more than 500 employers, hospitals, health systems, ambulance service providers, correctional facilities and other organizations across many industries giving our providers a breadth of cutting-edge experience. 

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