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Frequently asked questions

What is the RelyMD Medical Group? 
RelyMD Medical Group is an independent, physician-owned provider of telemedicine medical services delivered over the RelyMD platform.  The RelyMD platform is owned and operated by RelyMD, LLC.

What are requirements to join the RelyMD Medical Group? 
RelyMD Medical Group hires medical providers that have active licenses for states located throughout the contiguous United States.  The requirements to join RelyMD Medical Group vary based upon a number of factors, such as the type of license that you hold and the results of a credentialing process that all providers must undergo.

Does the RelyMD Medical Group hire nurses? ​

Does the RelyMD Medical Group hire physician assistants? 

How does a provider join the RelyMD Medical Group? 
Complete the web-based form which can be found here, and a representative of RelyMD Medical Group will get in touch with you.

Are RelyMD Medical Group providers considered full-time employees? 
Typically, no.  While RelyMD Medical Group may have a few medical providers who are considered employees, most of the providers who perform telemedicine medical services on behalf of RelyMD Medical Group choose to do so as an independent contractor.

Does the RelyMD Medical Group provide benefits? 
RelyMD Medical Group offers various benefits to its employed providers, as well as making available cost-effective benefits that independently-contracted providers can purchase at group rates.

Does the RelyMD Medical Group require training? 
While telemedicine medical providers are required to possess the training necessary to obtain and retain their provider license(s), RelyMD Medical Group provides all of the training necessary to enable providers to properly practice their profession via the RelyMD platform.

Does the RelyMD Medical Group provide medical malpractice insurance? 
Yes; for employees and individuals who are subcontracted with RelyMD Medical Group, medical malpractice insurance is provided by RelyMD Medical Group for any telemedicine medical services provided for the benefit of RelyMD Medical Group.  The medical malpractice insurance provided by RelyMD Medical Group does not extend coverage for any medical services not otherwise provided for the direct benefit of RelyMD Medical Group.  Group practices or entities that are subcontracted to provide telemedicine medical services for the benefit of RelyMD Medical Group are required to obtain their own medical malpractice insurance as the RelyMD Medical Group coverage does not extend to group practices or entities, and RelyMD Medical Group requires proof of in-force coverage throughout a group practice or entity’s engagement with RelyMD Medical Group. 

How is quality of care maintained? 
The RelyMD Medical Group maintains a CQI Committee that meets quarterly to review medical charts and to review and establish policies related to RelyMD Medical Group’s provision of telemedicine medical services.

How are provider schedules created and maintained? 
The RelyMD Medical Group utilizes a professional staff that coordinates scheduling based upon a number of variables, including provider availability, actual and estimated demand for telemedicine services, geographical needs, and contractual requirements established by contracts that RelyMD Medical Group has entered into with its customers.

How many hours are required to join? ​
Typically a commitment a low as two (2) to four (4) hours a week is the minimum commitment required, however, RelyMD Medical Group is very flexible in its approach to accommodate the diverse needs of the providers who provide telemedicine medical services on its behalf.

What resources are available to me through the RelyMD Medical Group?
RelyMD Medical Group maintains an extensive library of treatment protocols and plans, informational seminars and training materials for providers who desire to utilize these materials.

If you have additional questions not answered above, please
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